Company Introduction

Baijian Furniture Co., Ltd. was established in 1983, the earliest leading to the design, R & D, design, production,

sales as one of the common development of both domestic and foreign markets, private enterprise,

specializing in the production and sales of high-quality, personalized bedding, excellent product quality,

distinctive minimalist style known for leading software bedding market trend.

After 28 years of development has the domestic first-class modern software Bedding production line,

marketing service network covering major cities nationwide and international markets in Europe and America.

As health advocates and implementers of the technology sleep, along Baijian people adhere to the concept of

"famous Chinese brand created world brand, first-class sleep products manufactured for the people",

its design, manufacturing ergonomic, functional comfort put focus on the mix of materials and details of the treatment of

advanced manufacturing equipment and skilled workers craftsmanship in the first place, so that every component,

every manufacturing process excellence, and only to the consumers at home and abroad to provide the youngest fashion,

leading the trend, health technology diversified products. The products are now exported to 40 countries and

regions around the world.

Baijian set the world's most advanced science and technology intensive production scale,

Details of each workshop process division of a well-equipped for product finishing, fine processing,

reduce costs and ensure quality created excellent conditions, company spending huge sums to the introduction

of with the world's advanced level of production equipment to international standards.

The company adopted the international standard ISO 14001 system certification, product certification of green,

a famous Chinese brand, China Famous furniture mattress brand, Ten healthy brand of Chinese furniture,

Chinese furniture industry, low-carbon environment Technology Award Chinese furniture industry's most competitive brand

glorious title.

Over the years, Baijian constantly introducing overseas technology and design, and to be improved, and strive for excellence,

to provide the best products to consumers at home and abroad.

In 1983, the company was born first mattress liner, the mattress sector enterprises at home and abroad are respected.

2000, on strong results in the raw materials, Baijian mattress was born.

In 2002, the company introduced German technology to build software bed brand named "Aegean Sea" series.

In 2007, the company with the Italian brand cooperation, the establishment"Doitwell" brand.

In 2008, the company launched the Italian style series, "the Milan show" series software bed.

29 years of steady development of, Baijian is a milestone, is also the starting point of a new journey.

Baijian, the future will continue to adhere to the health, scientific approach to development,

the formation of industrial diversification, the development of large-scale,

business specialization, regional operations, management international industrial pattern.

Create enterprise core competitive advantage, effective deployment of resources on a global scale,

the objective of maximizing the overall value of the enterprise, to further improve the business organization and management mode,

and bars from the national flag, is among the world's most valuable bedding brand struggle.